Must ensure that cracks arent made view dependent

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Unformatted text preview: ri’s Game • Academy Award winning movie by Pixar – Made by subdivision surface [] Demo of Catmull-Clark subdivision surface • Adaptive Subdivision • Not all regions of a model need to be subdivided. • Idea: Use some criteria and adaptively subdivide mesh where needed. – Curvature – Screen size ( make triangles < size of pixel ) – View dependence • Distance from viewer • Silhouettes • In view frustum – Careful! Must ensure that “cracks” aren’t made View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes Hugues Hoppe. (SIGGRAPH ’97) crack subdivid e Subdivision Surface Summary • Advantages – – – – – – Simple method for describing complex surfaces Relatively easy to implement Arbitrary topology Local support Guaranteed continuity Multi-resolution • Difficulties – Intuitive specification – Parameterization – Intersections • Edwin Catmull Utah – NYIT – Lucas Films – Pixar present: President of Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios • Jim Cl...
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