Projection clipping illumination and shading texture

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Unformatted text preview: division surface What are the good ways to model the following objects? Projection Clipping Illumination and Shading Texture Mapping Texture Mapping What is the mapping function? Shadows Transparency Ray Tracing ● How to make a bounding sphere hierarchy? For computing the radiosity, you use an iterative approach KD-Tree KD-tree ● For 2 nearest neighbours, what is the order that the photons are added in the KD-tree? ● What are the photons in the heap when the algorithm ends? http://www.cs.mtu. edu/~shene/COURSES/cs3621/NOTES/surface/bezier-de-casteljau. Direct de Casteljau ● Given (u,v), in every adjacent quad area, sample a point by bilinear interpolation ● Iterate this process...
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