Lecture 1 - Projections and Transformations (slides)

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Unformatted text preview: c Graphics Lecture 1: Slide 31! 24 / 47 Problem break Problem break Problem break ! Given that viewing plane is at at z=5, plane Given that the the viewing plane is z=5, = 5What point the the What point on on the Given that the viewing to the is at z viewplane corresponds the 3D 3D vertex , what point on viewplane corresponds to to the 3D vertex vertex view plane corresponds 0 0101 1 ! 10 V = @10A V = @10A ! 10 10 ! When use the di di↵erent projections when we use thedifferent projections:! When we we usethe ↵erent projections (a)1.  Perspective ! Px = f Vx /Vz = 5 and Py = f Vy /Vz = 5 Perspective (a) Perspective (b)2.  Orthographic ! Px = 10 and Py = 10 Orthographic (b) Orthographic Graphics Lecture 1: Slide 32! 25 / 47 24 / 47 The need for transformations ! •  Graphics scenes are defined in a particular coordinate system. ! •  We want to draw a graphics scene from any angle! •  But to draw a graphics scene, it is a lot easier to have: ! –  The viewpoint at the origi...
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