Lecture 1 - Projections and Transformations (slides)

Drawlineint xs int ys int xf int yf etc graphics

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Unformatted text preview: l of graphics processing operates directly on the pixels in a window provided by the operating system. ! •  Typical Primitives are: ! SetPixel(int x, int y, int colour); ! DrawLine(int xs, int ys, int xf, int yf); ! ! •  etc. ! Graphics Lecture 1: Slide 8! World coordinate systems ! •  To achieve device independence when drawing objects we can define a world coordinate system. ! •  This will define our drawing area in units that are suited to the application: ! –  meters ! –  light years ! –  microns ! –  etc ! Graphics Lecture 1: Slide 9! Example ! We can give our window ‘World Coordinates‘ and draw objects using them. ! SetWindow(30, 10, 70, 50) DrawLine(40, 3, 90, 30) DrawLine(50, 60, 60, 40) ! Graphics Lecture 1: Slide 10! Normalisation! To make the conversion! ! device independent drawing commands ! graphics commands! using screen pixels! ! we need a process of normalisation! First we must ask the operating system* for the pixel addresses of the...
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