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CH.1 THE NATURE OF DEVELOPMENT Development: consists of age-related changes that are orderly, cumulative, and directional. Orderly: changes follow a logical sequence Cumulative: each phase includes all that went before it as well as something more Directional: always moves toward greater complexity Development perspective is based on 3 major assumptions: 1. Development involves qualitative changes as well as quantitative changes. a. Qualitative change: fundamental transformations in a child’s abilities or characteristics over time b. Quantitative change: increases in the amount of an ability or characteristic a
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Unformatted text preview: child already has. 2. Children’s later abilities, behavior, and understanding of the world emerge from earlier ones in a systematic way. 3. Each individual’s development is coherent over time reflecting continuity as well as change. BASIC DEVELOPMENTAL CONCEPTS I. Qualitative Change: reactions of 6-month olds from the cloth game differ sharply from those of 10-month olds. Why? Explanation based on qualitative change. 10-month olds are more capable and are in a different league. They have a sense of the past and future....
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