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Bio Project - Jarrett Vernon(2003 December 6 New data vs...

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Jarrett, Vernon (2003, December 6). New data vs race IQ theory. Chicago Defender, p. 2. Retrieved September 24, 2007, from National Newspapers (27) database. (Document ID: 609443141). Summary: This article concerns the book The Bell Curve by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The author almost ridicules them by “shooting down” their authority on the matter of race vs. IQ by calling it propaganda, and goes on to explain the holes in their argument of the relations they’ve found between the two. While doing this, he explains why their book is not worth the money-spent, by explaining, through new-found scientific evidence, the actual things that affect a person’s IQ, such as early childhood development. Currency: The timeliness of this article is relatively up to date on the issues concerning IQ in conjunction with race. Relevance: This article deals with reasons why race and IQ are not related. It uses scientific data gathered from various scientists from many universities and organizations. This article is intended for those who do believe race and IQ are related, and it shows them why the two are not related. The author seems to show that he did extensive research on the subject before the publication of this source. Authority: Although the author of this article is simply a journalist, the information that he reveals is given through quotes and experimental data gathered by many scientists. Thus, he may not be qualified to write on this topic, but he is gathering his information from authoritative figures on the subject making it legitimate. Accuracy: The information seems reliable, although it’s not written by a scientist, the author cites various scientists that the information comes from. Because it was in a newspaper, it obviously has not been refereed, although it was more-than-likely peer reviewed prior to publishing. However, it does seem very biased toward the idea of race and IQ having no correlations. Purpose: This article was clearly written in order to teach Americans about the scientific findings that race and IQ are not related, or even to persuade people from the ideas revealed in the book The Bell Curve . The information, because of the original sources that
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the author is bringing it from, seems to be based on facts. The author appears to have much scientific/personal bias on this issue. Type I reference concerning subject matter Cohen, Mark Nathan. 2005. “Race and IQ Again ”. Evolutionary Psychology [Book Review]; volume 3 (1474-7049): 255-262. Summary: This source is a book review summarizing Race: the Reality of Human Differences by Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele. Apart from summarizing the book, Cohen points out the flaws in the theory that race and IQ are related. Cohen, a professor of Anthropology at SUNY, describes this theory and the positive research on it as racist, and that even though these authors claim it, there are not “three great ‘races’”. Cohen also points out the flaw in the authors’ idea of Africans having lower IQ’s partially as a result of
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Bio Project - Jarrett Vernon(2003 December 6 New data vs...

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