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Mech. Eng. 2W04, 2014 Thermodynamics Page 1 of 2 ASSIGNMENT # 3 PROPERTIES OF PURE SUBSTANCES Due Monday, Feb. 3 rd , 2014 before 4:00 pm (Drop box # 4 in JHE-307) General instructions: a. This assignment will be worked on through the tutorials of Jan. 29 & 31. (Be prepared) b. Choose one of your peers to be your partner for this assignment, c. Solve the assignment together or solve it separately and check the results with each other, d. Submit just one answer sheet having both of your names, e. The same mark will be given to each one of you. 1. Complete the following table for H 2 O using steam tables. Insert a dash for irrelevant items, and interpolate where necessary. p bar T o C v m 3 /kg x h kJ/kg u kJ/kg phase 90 2.361 20 2799.5 5 0.3565 188 2400 34 0.9 81.3 0.85 3 200 14 0.1635 150 3448.6 250 1.199 38 0.8 297 0.95 2.3 300 70 190 2. A closed, rigid tank whose volume is 1.5 m 3 contains Refrigerant 134a, initially a two-phase liquid–vapor mixture at 10°C. The refrigerant is heated to a final state where temperature is 50°C and quality is 100%. Locate the initial and final states on a sketch of the
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