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Carrierfrequency x x

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Unformatted text preview: ations circuit. Two types: – Broadband Noise – “White Noise” – Narrowband Noise – “Interference” Signal­to­Noise Ratio Signal­to­Noise Ratio Can be expressed in a pure number: – Signal power / Noise power More commonly expressed in Decibels. – Signal level is on a relative scale compared to the noise. – The more positive the dB number, the clearer the signal. – Unless you want to hide it!!! Modulation Modulation The process of encoding information on the “Carrier Wave”. – A simple Sine wave. The Sine wave has 3 independent parameters: – Amplitude – Frequency – Phase x Other Factors Affecting Other Factors Affecting Performance Scan Rate and Beam Width x x Pulse Repetition Frequency x x Determines radars maximum range(tactical factor). Carrier Frequency x x Narrow beam require slower antenna rotation rate. Determines antenna size, beam directivity and target size. Radar Cross Section x x...
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