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Unformatted text preview: hip, as determined by your ES equipment – A surface­to­air missile is selected Detect to Engage Detect to Engage Neutralize/Destroy – The target closes the maximum range envelope of your surface­to­air missile – Your “fire control solution” has been satisfied The weapon system is locked on and tracking the target Weapon System Requirements Weapon System Requirements Reliability Flexibility Safety Simplicity of Operation Maintainability Specific Military Requirements Three Naval Warfare Areas: Three Naval Warfare Areas: Anti­Air Warfare (AAW) Anti­Submarine Warfare (ASW/USW) Anti­Surface Warfare (ASUW/ASU) Naval Weapons Naval Weapons Systems Energy Fundamentals SA­7 Grail SA­7 Grail Energy Fundamentals Energy Fundamentals RADAR – RAdio Detection And Ranging RADAR is an electromagnetic wave that acts like any other electromagnetic wave (i.e. radio, light, etc.) Traveling Wave Characteristics Traveling Wave Characteristics Frequency Period Wavelength Amplitude Amplitude Amplitude The maximum displacement of any point on the wave from a constant reference value – It is a measure of the level of energy Frequency Frequency Period Period Wavelength Wavelength Phase Shift Phase Shift Wave Propagation Wave Propagation Reflection Refrac...
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