08 - 1-29-08What do we study in developmental...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-29-08What do we study in developmental psychology?•Systematic changes over time from conception to adolescence•Changes of the individual in relation to his/her contextChanges in development:•Orderly – changes follow a logical sequence•Cumulative – each phase includes the previous one•Directional – move toward greater complexityIndividual Differences:•Differences and similarities between groups•Stability or changes within the individual across timeContinuous vs. Discontinuous Development:•Quantitative changes – refers to the process of gradually adding on more of the same types of skills that were there to begin with•Qualitative changes – refers to fundamental transformation in an ability and/or characteristicOne or many:•Stage theorists – believe that children everywhere follow the same sequence of development•The field of child development is becoming increasingly aware that children grow up in different environments•Each child experiences unique combinations of genetic and environmental...
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08 - 1-29-08What do we study in developmental...

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