Each group will be responsible for discussing writing

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Unformatted text preview: oughly We equal size). Each group will be responsible for discussing, writing up, and presenting how we use the physics of light we have just learned in “real world” applications. Be sure to include everyone's name on a sheet of paper that includes the write-up. You will have to present this in front of the class in about 20-25 mins. Turn in a write-up on Wednesday mins. You are responsible for understanding You everyone else's material (so ask questions) everyone Group Exercise Group Roles: (Please include on your paper who is doing what) (Please Note taker: Person is responsible for taking notes during discussion about the task at hand (notes will be turned in) Writer: This person takes the notes and will write-up a ½ → 1 Writer: page summary of the answer the group arrives at. (Can't be the same person as the note taker...will be turned in on Wednesday) Presenter: This person will present the answer the group Presenter: arrives at to the rest of the class (today) and answer questions (from me) Think Tank members: These people will be the “primary” Think Group 1 Group 1: Explain how a speed gun works (or how you think it works) utilizing the physics we just discussed (the properties of light) and how a police man who is moving can still get an accurate measurement of your speed Group 2 Group 2: Explain how a “Doppler Radar” works (or how you think it works) utilizing the physics we just discussed (the properties of light) for weather applications and how it can use the physics of Doppler shifts to find a tornado Group 3 Group 3: Explain how su...
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