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Unformatted text preview: A String is a “blend” of object and primitive value –  Strings are really objects –  But they have a special representation (using “”) –  Strings in Java denote sequences of Unicode characters •  Examples String empty = “”; // an empty string String shortstr = “a”; // a string of one char String course = “CPSC 324”; // a string of mulLple chars String Ltle = “Topics in Java Programming”; CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 23 Java Strings •  A character sequence in double quotes is an object of type String –  “CPSC 324” is a String object –  As is “” (the empty string) •  Like in other languages, strings do not span multiple lines •  Strings can be concatenated using the ‘+’ operator String fullTitle = course + “: ” + Ltle; String abc = “a” + “...
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