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Unformatted text preview: it then secure copy (scp) to ada CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 4 2 1/28/10 Clarifications/Suggestions •  Learn to read and understand compile errors! •  Please send general questions to the google group –  [email protected] –  For questions whose answers you think will benefit the whole class –  Please don’t send your source code / answers though! •  I am not going to be able to tell you all the details … –  So, you’ll need to read the textbook :-) –  And also use the Java API (java’s javadocs) –  Knowing the basics plus how to navigate, read, and write code based on the Java API –  … will help make you a proficient java programmer! CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 5 Scanner example import java.uIl.Scanner; import; public class ScannerTest { public staIc void main(String args) { We have a problem! File aFile = new File(“file.txt ”); Scanner in = new Scanner(aFile); while(in.hasNextLine()) System.out.println(in.nextLine()); [sbowers]$ javac in.close(); unreported excep,on }; must be caught or declared } to be thrown Scanner in = new Scanner(new File("lines.txt")); ^ 1 error CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 6 3 1/28/10 Throwing Exceptions •  Methods (even constructors) can “throw exceptions” public Scanner(File source) throws FileNotFoundExcepIon { … do stuff if(source is not a valid ...
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