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Unformatted text preview: FileNotFoundExcepIon { File aFile = new File(“file.txt ”); Scanner in = new Scanner(aFile); [sbowers:]$ java ScannerTest while(in.hasNextLine()) ExcepIon in thread "main" file.txt (No System.out.println(in.nextLine()); such file or directory) in.close(); at Method) at<init>( } at java.uIl.Scanner.<init>( } at ScannerTest.main( CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 9 Scanner example Another solution ... import java.uIl.Scanner; import; Handle the exception import; public class ScannerTest { public staIc void main(String args) { File aFile = new File(“file.txt ”); try { Scanner in = new Scanner(aFile); This is called a while(in.hasNextLine()) System.out.println(in.nextLine()); “try-catch” block in.close(); } catch(FileNotFoundExcepIon e) { // degrade gracefully … } } } CPSC 324 ‐‐ Spring 2010 10...
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