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Unformatted text preview: 2010 22 11 10/14/10 Binary Search Trees < D D < D The order constraint: •  For each node n B A if node nl is in the left subtree of n then nl < n G C E H F if node nr is in the right subtree of n then n < nr note that a Binary Search Tree is a well-formed Binary Tree CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 23 Pointer-Based Binary Search Trees Nodes consist of values plus left and right child pointers root Entry item lebChild rightChild Entry item Entry item lebChild rightChild lebChild rightChild CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 24 12 10/14/10 Searching for nodes in a BST Given a key (i.e., a word) to search for … •  Start at the root node –  Is the item at the root node equal to search key? If Yes … Found match! –  Is the item at the root node greater than the search key? If Yes … Search the left subtree of the root –  Is the item at the root node less than the search key? If Yes … Search the right subtree of the root CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 25 Inserting Nodes Basic idea •  Find where the node should be (search)...
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