In parent child relationships the parent of a node n

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Unformatted text preview: g of –  Zero or more nodes –  A distinguished “root” node (no parents) –  Structures of multiple trees are called “forests” the root D B A F C E G CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 9 Trees (Terminology) Nodes are arranged in parent-child relationships –  The parent of a node N is directly above N –  The child of a node N is directly below N a parent of node B a child of node D D B A F C E CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 G 10 5 10/14/10 Trees (Terminology) Each non-root node has exactly one parent Every node can have zero or more children –  A node without any children is called a “leaf” node   A node with children is called an “internal” node the root D an internal node a leaf node B A F C E G CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 11 Trees (Terminology) A “path” is a sequence of nodes … –  The next node in the sequence after node N is a child of N –  we can obtain a path by starting at a node and following child edges until we reach a leaf a path D B A F C E CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 G 12 6 10/14/10 Trees (Terminology) Parent-child relationships induce ancestor-descendent relationships –  An ancestor of a node N is either the parent of N or the parent of an ancestor of N –  The root is the ancestor of every node in the tree –  A descendent of a node N is either a child of N or a child of a descendent of N an ancestor of A A descendent of a node lies on a path from the node to a leaf D B a descendent of D A F C E G CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 13 Trees (Terminology) Nodes can have zero or more “siblings” –  The siblings of N are the nodes with the same parent as N sibling of B D sibling of F B A CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 F C E G 14 7 10/14/10 Trees (Terminology) A “subtree” is a tree rooted at a descendent of the root –  A subtree includes all children and descendents of the subtree “root” N –  We often say a subtree is rooted at N D subtree rooted at...
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