C a c a here the right subtree does not have a left

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Unformatted text preview: ode –  We delete the node –  And set the left or right pointer in the parent to NULL •  To remove a node with one child –  The parent of the node to be deleted “adopts” the child B Remove A C B A A C C Remove A C B B CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 32 16 10/19/10 Removing Nodes •  Hardest Case: Remove a node with two children –  Both children cannot be “adopted” by the parent D D Remove B ? B A C A C CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 33 Removing Nodes •  To remove a node with two children –  one solution is to not delete the node … –  and instead replace the item in the node with another node’s item D D Remove B B A ? C A...
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