The item to be removed is not in the tree the node

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Unformatted text preview: he nodes by printing them to an output stream (out) –  To print, use Entry’s operator<< method out << subTreeRoot->item; –  The result should look like a dictionary file You’ll need to create –  Helper methods for the recursion, e.g., Dictionary’s << should use inorder void prePrintTraversal(const Node*, ostream&) –  These methods should be declared protected or private CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 28 14 10/19/10 Binary Search Tree Deletion CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 29 Removing (Deleting) Nodes •  Removing nodes is where things get tricky … •  If we could restrict remove to just leaf nodes it would be easy •  For general removal, we need to consider some special cases … CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 30 15 10/19/10 Removing Nodes Cases to consider … –  The tree is empty! –  The item to be removed is not in the tree –  The node containing the item is a leaf node –  The node containing the item has one child –  The node containing the item has two children CPSC 223  ­ ­ Fall 2010 31 Removing Nodes •  To remove a leaf n...
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