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Exam #_____________ FINAL EXAM CONSTITUTIONAL LAW II Professor Moskovitz Spring, 2010 1. You have two and one-half hours to complete this exam. 2. This is a closed book exam. 3. This exam consists of two essay questions. Please write your response in the blue books provided. Please write clearly. Write on every other line and every other page to permit instructor comments. 4. Write your exam number on your exam envelope. Put your correct class section and student exam # at the top of this page, each page of questions, and each blue book. Do not use your name, student ID number or Social Security Number on any exam materials. 5. At the conclusion of the exam, return all test materials, including blue books, scratch paper, and this exam packet to the envelope and submit it to the proctor. DO NOT seal the envelope. Students who do not return all exam materials at the end of the exam may not have their exams graded. GOOD LUCK! Moskovitz: Con Law II/final/SP10 Page 1 of 2
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