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Jan8-16 Careerrlism Blog Post responses

After graduating he writes that it is important to

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Unformatted text preview: l media after graduating. After graduating he writes that it is important to utilize your presence on social media in order to brand yourself. The first step is to create an online portfolio to display your work that you did while in school as well as other academic accomplishments. The second step is to create a blog where you can voice your opinions on a public platform and communicate with others interested in your field. The third step is to join LinkedIn where you can post your resumé and look for jobs. The forth step is to keep all of your social media accounts professional and monitor the photos or statuses we post that a company may find offensive. The fifth step is to maintain being social with friends and family on social media by commenting on friend’s posts and pictures. The final step is to take your online relationships offline and meet and grow the relationships that you make on social media. This article is extremely relevant to our generation which uses social media to network and further our careers. Public Relations often utilizes social media to communicate a message of a company so it is important that practitioners know how to correctly utilize social media. 12 Best Tips For Entry-Level Job Seekers Posted by Cameo Jonas at Thursday, January 16, 2014 3:10:48 PM EST Students and recent graduates always talk about wha...
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