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However a lot of them do not see themselves finding

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Unformatted text preview: t their dream job would be. However, a lot of them do not see themselves finding their perfect job right away, which can be a very discouraging fact after spending four years in college. In her article Katherine Switzer gives tips for the entry-level job seekers, so people around the college age. In her article Switzer states that three things will lead a person into their dream job those being positivity, careful attitude, and precision. She then continues on into what will help a person find an entry-level job those being: get noticed with your cover letter, refrain from long stories, don't get overly formal, have faith in yourself, know about the organization, sell yourself logically, act mature, relate your abilities to your job, never boast about your G.P.A., don't exaggerate, prepare, prepare, and prepare, and finally leave like a gentleman or (lady). I find that this article will be very useful especially when it comes to my future of interviewing. It is very important to understand how to get yourself noticed in a sea of applications....
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