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Gebbia-2011-fall-sales-exam1 - EXAM Final Examination Sales...

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EXAM#____________ Gebbia: Sales, Final, F2011 Final Examination – Sales Professor Karen M. Gebbia -- Fall 2011 1. You have two (2) hours to complete this exam. 2. This is an open book exam. You may bring to the exam any written materials you wish except commercial outlines and hornbooks . You may not consult any person or website during the exam. 3. This exam consists of one (1) essay question worth 120 total possible points. 4. Please write your exam number on your exam envelope, each page of instruction, each page of questions, each page of your answer, and each blue book. If you are not recording your answer in bluebooks, you must write your exam number and the words “answer page” on the top of each answer page. Pages that do not indicate “answer page” will be considered scratch paper and not part of your answer. Do not use your name, student ID number or Social Security Number on any exam materials. 5. Please write your response in the blue books provided or type answer pages. If using bluebooks, please write clearly, on every other line, and every other page. You may use a laptop computer protected by Examsoft.
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