Wile e fell to the ground the batman suit was

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Unformatted text preview: e fabric of the wings disintegrated and adhered to the cliff. Wile E. fell to the ground. The batman suit was unusable thereafter. Wile E suffered severe injuries and incurred uninsured medical expenses of $50,000. Acme has offered to affix new fabric to the wings if Wile E pays shipping and handling expenses of $50. Wile E has demanded (1) $5,000, which he believes is the value of the Batman suit if it had performed as advertised, and (2) $50,000 in medical expenses. You may include in this fact pattern any additional details that you might recall from our class sessions on this problem unless they are inconsistent with the facts set forth above. Assume that no one but Wile E was injured in the incident. Do not discuss tort claims. QUESTIONS: Analyze this situation fully under article 2. Assume California law applies. - - Exam Page ONE - END EXAM Gebbia: Sales, Final, F2011...
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