DePaul chem 111 lab 4

DePaul chem 111 lab 4 - Purpose In this experiment a copper...

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Purpose In this experiment a copper compound was transferred back to its elemental form by using several different reactions. First, nitric acid, (HNO 3 ), was used to transfer the copper compound into a product of copper nitrate, Cu(NO 3 ), a nitric salt, and nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ). Then in a precipitation reaction was used to precipitate the Cu(OH 2 ) by using NaOH, this left behind a solution of sodium nitrate. Next, in a dehydration reaction CuO was formed by heating the solution of NaOH, this caused the copper hydroxide to lose water and change to an oxide. In this experiment a series of reactions were observed during the process of transferring a copper compound back to its elemental form. This was done to gain skills in interpreting observations, formulating chemical equations in relation to those observations, and to gain experience in quantitative lab techniques. Procedure General and Analytical Chemistry 111 Lab Manual. DePaul University Department of Chemistry, Autumn 2007. Chicago, IL. Data and Results Data Table 1: Raw Data of Copper Mass of copper wire initial (grams) Mass of dish with copper (grams) Mass of copper final (grams) 0.4046 47.9741 Observational Data This experiment required the use of 4.0 mL of acid (HNO 3 ) to be used to oxidize the copper; however there was a slight misinterpretation in reading the lab notebook, and this particular experiment was done using 40.0 mL of the acid. This led to a series of
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DePaul chem 111 lab 4 - Purpose In this experiment a copper...

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