IR Chapter 2-1

Economic strength is fungible economic fungible in

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Unformatted text preview: t term short Economic strength is fungible Economic fungible In long-term, would you choose gold or In tanks? tanks? 19 19 V. The International System – The Realist Perspective The 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Anarchy International norms The security dilemma Balance of power Alliances Great powers and middle powers Power distribution – polarity Power transition theory Hegemonic stability theory 20 1. The International System 1. Anarchy Anarchy Realist notion of anarchy = lack of central Realist government to enforce rules government Implications from realist perspective: 1. Danger Danger 2. Power Power 3. Self-help Self-help 4. Alliances Alliances 5. Capabilities Capabilities 21 21 2. International Norms Realist perspective on international norms Realist – important but secondary to power important Sovereignty-related norms Independence inside borders Equal status Non-interference Diplomacy-related norms Diplomacy-related Embassies Spying The International Spy Museum Sources of tension around sovereignty 22 22 3. The Security Dilemma A negative consequence of anarchy Security dilemma States ensure own security Threat to other states Others build up defense in response Overall security is decreased Arms races Realism’s vs liberalism’s view 23 23 4. Balance of Power Definition Theory of balance of power Counterbalancing Maintenance of stability Rules and principles Sovereignty 24 24 5. Alliances - Power Balancing Key role Balancing strategies (e.g. elements of Balancing containment policy of US in Cold War) containment For weaker states, often quicker, For cheaper than building up capabilities cheaper Bandwagoning Alliance shift after 2000 (away from Alliance US): US refusal to take part in international agreements, war in Iraq international 25 25 6. Great Powers Most powerful states Influence Resources Military Economy USS Nimitz Global outlook Can a great power be defeated militarily? Would role as great power change slowly Would or rapidly? or Stability 26 26 Great Powers Tod...
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