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18 18 measuring comparative measuring economic

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Unformatted text preview: tes, “Other” Examples “Other” Taiwan Northern Ireland Quebec Iraq Kurds , Uighurs Coat of arms and flag of Vatican City “Muslim world” Vatican Hong Kong (“one country, two systems”) 17 17 Differences between States Territorial size Population Wealth (GDP) Global influence China Geography Type of government Level of industrialization/development Tuvalu So how would the power of a country with a territorial size of 356,000 miles compare to the power of one with only 93,000 square miles? 18 18 Measuring Comparative Measuring Economic Strength Economic What data should be used to measure economic strength or “well­being”? • • • GDP = total annual economic activity Per capita income HDI ­ Human Development Index (more in Chapter 1.2 lecture) 19 19 Country Comparison – GDP per Capita GDP Source: IMF (International Monetary Fund) 2011 20 Economic Differences – Economic Global North and South Global Income levels per capita > North vs South North vs. South in world’s goods and services and population 21 21 Non-State Actors Increasing relevance today IOs (International Organizations) • IGOs (Intergovernmental Organizations)...
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