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International political economy ii

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Unformatted text preview: law Terrorism Peace studies War in Iraq A broadening definition of security – to include human security 6 The Two Subfields of IR: The II. International Political Economy II. International trade, money, business Integration (e.g. EU, NAFTA) The environment, population issues (problems of “commons”) • North­South gap, global inequities in wealth, health etc. • Development • Information revolution • • • The Aral Sea (Source – National Geographic) 7 II. The Collective Goods Problem Core concept in understanding international interactions The tension between individual interests and collective interests Importance of cooperation, but also preservation of individual state interests and sovereignty The roommate example! 8 Roommates, the Collective Goods Problem and Free Riding 9 Definition of Collective Goods Problem Special class of goods “Nonexcludability criterion” “Nonrivalrous consumption” criterion Classic example – national defense Apply to environment? So there are “free riders” Free market system doesn’t deal well with these kinds of goods – no profit 10 10 Other Examples? Applies to goods that come from or constitute a “commons” Definition of commons • • • • • A good held by all To which all have access Not privately owned Generally a public space or resource Benefits all to preserve a commons 11 11 The Tragedy of the Commons Garrett Hardin 1968 Science Population Environment The commons metaphor “Mutual...
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