Comm 291 Statistics Populations STD Dev Chi Tables 2014 Assignment 3 Berkowitz

Standardizing the variables will make the correlation

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Unformatted text preview: ndicates a weak positive association. Standardizing the variables will make the correlation 0. False. Standardizing does not change the shape. Standardizing Shifts the mean to 0, changes the standard deviation to 1, and removes the units. Adding an outlier can dramatically change the correlation. True, although this depends on the situation - #number of variables and magnitude of the outlier. b) Suppose you were to collect data for each pair of variables below. You want to make a scatterplot. For each pair, identify which variable should be the explanatory variable and which should be the response variable. Discuss the likely direction and shape (i.e. form) and strength of the relationship. a) T-shirts at a store: Price for each, number sold Price – Explanatory Variable, N...
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