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DePaul chem 111 lab 7

DePaul chem 111 lab 7 - Purpose This experiment required...

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Purpose This experiment required the exploration of colligative properties with the use of cyclohexane, which is a common organic solvent. The point of the experiment was to determine the freezing point of cyclohexane, the molal freezing point constant, and the freezing point depression of the organic solvent. This lab was supposed to teach the colligative property of freezing point depression. If there is a solute added to a solvent, the freezing point of a liquid may be depressed by more than one species and that depression are additive. The colligative property law states that the freezing point and boiling point of a solution differ from those of a pure solvent by amounts directly proportional to the molal concentration of the solute. DT is the difference between the freezing point temperatures of the pure solvent and the solution, K fs is a molal freezing point depression constant specific for each solvent, and m is the molality of the solute, thusly the equation that is used is DT=K fs m.
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