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Unformatted text preview: 1 BO 20 E 14 16 18 19 20 New Moon at 8:02 UT. Start of lunation 1128. Moon near the Pleiades (evening sky) at 2h UT. Moon near Aldebaran (evening sky) at 22h UT. First Quarter Moon at 13:26 UT. Moon near Jupiter (evening sky) at 10h UT. Mag. –2.4. Moon at apogee (farthest from Earth) at 20h UT (distance 405,364 km; angular size 29.8'). Moon near Beehive Cluster (evening sky) at 18h UT. Mercury at greatest elongation, 28° west of Sun (morning sky) at 6h UT. Mag. +0.2. Moon near Regulus (evening sky) at 15h UT. Full Moon at 17:10 UT. Moon near Spica (morning sky) at 22h UT. Moon near Mars (morning sky) at 2h UT. Mag. –1.0. Asteroid 163 Erigone occults Regulus at 6:06 UT (evening sky). Observable to the naked-eye by anyone in its path across the NE USA and into Canada. The bright star will “vanish” for up to 14 seconds in the middle of the 108km wide path. Vernal equinox at 16:57 UT. The time when the Sun reaches the point along the ecliptic where it crosses into the northern celestial hemisphere marking the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Moon very near Saturn (127° from Sun, morning sky) at 3h UT. Mag. +0.3. Occultation visible along a path between E South America and SW Africa. Moon near Antares (morning sky) at 8h UT. Venus at greatest elongation, 47° west from Sun (morning sky) at 19h UT. Mag. –4.4. Last Quarter Moon at 1:47 UT. Moon near Venus (46° from Sun, morning sky) at 6h UT. Mag. –4.4. Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) at 19h UT (365,703 km; angular size 32.7'). New Moon at 18:47 UT. Start of lunation 1129. NORTHERN HEMISPHERE N 12 14 S Vindemiatrix ca t . OU e d n) . B ND i n t ε E io h γ e L FAC I TS e n Th U or CE o( YO VIRGO NT th Le Ar 4 AT cturu ER - e a of M10 s TH US (JU st er n e s t ON RV I ch S CO T A sk y CT nd t of SY I RE da i nd OU h ea TH E D P AR ol ar th e S E is, t DO rms EA he N ING at f o SAM o rth s NOW EAST rn th THE t a r. ) SO p at te P IS d s t ar THE E MA The Sick le is an easy to fin C OM P OF TH ASS DI OTTOM RECTION TH AT APPEARS ALONG THE B 1 7 7 8 10 11 Get Sky Calendar on Twitter http://twitter.com/skymaps M β Sky Calendar – March 2014 W M CO CE W FREE* EACH MONTH FOR YOU TO EXPLORE, LEARN & ENJOY...
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