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You only need to evaluate it in your mesh plot

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Unformatted text preview: sh) % Plot solutions figure(1),clf subplot(1,2,1) mesh(x,t,u1),hold on xlabel('x','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') ylabel('t','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') zlabel('u(x,t)','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') title(['Numerical Solution '],'fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') subplot(1,2,2) mesh(x,t,U) xlabel('x','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') ylabel('t','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') zlabel('u(x,t)','fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') title(['Analytical Solution'],'fontsize',12,'fontweight','bold') function [U,t,x]=wave(a,f,u0,v0,g1,g2,L,T,nx,nt) % Define important parameters % Construct your mesh and matrix of solution points % Compute the solution at t=0 and all x-points % Compute the solution at t=dt and all x-points % Compute the solution at all other times...
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