G a string and is causing what is known as forced

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Unformatted text preview: t is known as forced vibrations. The actual analytical solution for this problem is , sin . Implement in MATLAB the equations we derived in class and plot both the analytical and numerical solutions using the main code and subroutine given below, if 96, =12. %solve_1-D Wave (Complete the following missing information to use the code!) clear;clc a= ; f= inline(' u0=inline(' v0=inline(' g1=inline(' g2=inline(' L= ; T= ; nx= ; nt= ; ','t','x'); ','t','x'); ','t','x'); '); '); %% Numerical solution: [u1,t,x]=wave(a,f,u0,v0,g1,g2,L,T,nx,nt); %% Analytical solution (is U(i,j)and is given to you. You only need to evaluate it in your me...
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