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Unformatted text preview: 970) did 1101 give an i< for ¢>:> 0, The v alue above is from Hansen ( 196 1) Hansen (1970) didllGl &ive an , or.p:> O. M VII"" above is did 001 give er If> > al"" 1961) and also Used by Vesi~ . u $ed V~~ O!j~ __ \he rdcro fO ,61O 3. Variable , • .. base adbesion. on Ihe ordcrofO.61O 1.0 x base collesion. ), 'c. . . base adbesion, on t ordcrofO,61O 1.0 base collesion. I dbesion, o;o~en . 4, Refer 10 skelcb for identification of angles ' I a nd p. footin g depth D,,location of H;; . kelch identifica lion angles dentificalion ngles" ooting location H (paral lel and a\lOp of blIse slab ; u~ually also produces ecce ntricity ).. E.5p:cially not.t parallel and at lOp llOp ;lse slab; ~uaUy ase ccentricity). specially ~ ccentricity) 5pecially ott. I Wrmal \Q ase is nOlIbc resull&nl oombining I. V ."' force 1WnnallO base: and is 001 t he resultant R from combininS V and H , . '. 10"",,/10 esul...
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