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Unformatted text preview: Refer 10 Tobie s«reh and Tobles 4-. 5.0.h for t erm idonti~ati<:><I . Ref.r toTable kerch o Tabl... -s...1> er a~ abl . ...s...1> emI i denti~atio<I etm deDti~ation Terms N" . Nf.,, a nd N .ylt'e iGenUfted in Table 4- 1. enru onru ,,. t. o Ny,,", oenUftod Tl b k4-. l . are <lentifted Vesi~ always uoes!he bearinl"""l*'ity eqUllioft &iven in Table 4-1 (UStS IJ ' u. ... thc b earinl-«t»Ciry cqUloo.. given u. ... eli~ lwlys uses Ihe beari n l~il)' equaUoo given in able ..1 (u~ B i nlheN. w m \'eJ\ H ' . H. ) <>. in !he N . t erm eveJI when H;, ."' H ,J. L tmI I ' " H,",mI" 1..0 f<>rcompu ti nl i t. i , [al ways). 6. H, Ie nn . . 0 rorcomputinK I., . (always). - , r um " orcomputinllf. alw,ys). 3. > • t., 5. T hd" f&\Qors 1(0 '"' ~t.;." we...e...
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