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Human evolution 1 ratio of c 14 unstable to c 12

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Unformatted text preview: Human Evolution: 1. Ratio of C-14 (unstable) to C-12 (stable) is measure -parent: C-14; daughter is C-12 2. Half life: time it takes for half the radioactive isotope to decay -Ex/ after four half lives, only 6.25% C-14 is left (of the original carbon-14) 3. See chart -decay curve: we will be given the age of half life 4. ON TEST: -humans as primates: -opposable thumbs -long, thin straight fingers (motor skills) -finger nails instead of claws (for dexterity) -shoulder sockets -forward facing eyes 5. Fossil Trends: -position of foramen magnum -brain stem location; ape is at back, human is more at center -cranial capacity -ape: small; human: large -canine teeth -ape: long and sharp; human: short and dull -brow ridge -ape: protruding; human: flat -brow ridge did not fully disappear; it grew into more of a forehead -the brain cavity is bigger (frontal lobes for judgement, reasoning) -face below brow -ape: protruding; human: flat (humans not need to carry things in mouth anymore) 6. S...
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