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Species that coexisted a afarensis and a africanus

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Unformatted text preview: pecies that coexisted: -A afarensis and A africanus about 3 million years ago -Homo erectus and Homo neanderthal (about same time 100,000 years ago) -Homo sapiens 7. Incompleteness of fossil records -not many fossils found -many not full body -hard to determine if adult/Juvenile/diseased or male/female 8. Correlation of brain size: bigger brains require more energy -more foods in diet -food richer in protein (energy) Went from gatherer to hunter -more sophisticated tools -cooking food (digests easier) 9. On Test: Genetic vs. Cultural evolution -Genetic: -deals with inherited traits (body morphology-size of face, canines, etc.);...
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