Mechanisms of genetic change in eukaryotes mutations

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Unformatted text preview: chanisms of genetic change: in Eukaryotes -mutations, crossing over (in prophase I of meiosis), segregation and independent assortment (not taking all of chromosome just certain genes), natural selection ! -number 8 is on essay -other essay: like practice AP free response ! Essay Question: Phylogeny is the evolutionary history of a species. (a) The evolution of a species is dependent on changes in the genome of the species. Identify TWO mechanisms of genetic change, and explain how each affects genetic variation. -mutations in DNA: nucleotide changes sequence and leads to production of different proteins: frameshift, insertion, deletion; may also lead to a change in phenotype -natural selection; Reproductive fitness/differential success-better equipped species will endure the elements/habitat; species will adapt even physically to improve their survival in a certain habitat ! (b) Based on the data in the table below, draw a phylogenetic tree that reflects the evolutionary relationships of the organisms based on the differences in their cytochrome c amino-acid sequences and explain the relationships of the organisms. Based on...
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