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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

Ex wal marts lightning speed inventory system has an

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Unformatted text preview: ocesses Decentralized authority Strong IS development ream Strong senior mgmt. support for technological investment and change Incentives for mgmt. innovation Teamwork and collaboration environments Proper training programs Internet and telecommunications infrastructure IT- enriched educational programs raising labour force computer literacy Standards (gov’t and private sector) Laws and regulations creating fair, sable market environments Is are sociotechnical systems they have technical and behavioural approaches to them. Technical Approach – mathematically based models, physical technology, ex. science, mgmt. science, operations research Behavioural Approach – strategic business integration, design, implementation, utilization, & mgmt. Chapter 3 Using IS to Achieve Competitive Advantage Porter’s competitive forced model: provides general view of firm, competitors, and the firm’s environment Name of force Description Traditional General competitors – continuously devising new efficient ways to Competitors produce new products/services and attempting to attract customers New Market Entrants Advs: not locked in old plants/equipment, often hire young workers – less expensive; more innovative, not a worn- out brand, “more hungry” more motivated Disadv: dependent on outside financing, less- experienced workforce, have little brand recognition Substitute The (+) subs there are for a product/service in your industry, the less Products/Services you can control pricing and the lower your profit margin Customers Must be able to acquire and retain customers Product differentiation is key; customers have power if they control the OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan Suppliers 7 lowering of prices in a transparent marketplace ex. Customers have access to multiple suppliers to purchase used books The more different suppliers a firm has, the greater control it can exercise over suppliers in terms of price, quality,...
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