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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

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Unformatted text preview: such as payroll processing and order handling b. Enterprise software – powerful packages that support primary business processes of a firm worldwide from production, warehousing, CRM, SCM, and finance to human resources. 2. Software outsourcing a. Enables a firm to contract custom software development or maintenance of existing legacy programs to outside firms, which often operate offshore in low- wage areas of the world. b. Domestic: i. Primarily for middleware, integration services, software support c. Offshore: i. Primarily for lower level maintenance, data entry, call centers, although outsourcing for new- program development is increasing OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan 15 3. Cloud- Based Software Services and Tools a. Software as a service (SaaS) – referred to services for delivering and providing access to software remotely as a web- based service b. Accessed with Web browser over Internet c. Ranges from free or low- cost services for individuals to business and enterprise software d. Users pay on subscription or per- transaction i. E.g. Salesforce.com ii. Bound by Service Level Agreements (SLAs): formal agreement with service providers New Trends in Software • Linux and open- source software – Open- source software: Produced by community of programmers, free and modifiable by user – Linux: Open- source software OS • Software for the Web – Java: • Object- oriented programming language • Operating system, processor- independent – Ajax • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML • Allows client and server to exchange small pieces of data without requiring the page to be reloaded IT Infrastructure Components 1) Computer hardware platforms – client machines (desktop PCs mobile computing divides such as netbooks and laptops) 2) Operating System platforms – 3) Consulting system...
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