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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

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Unformatted text preview: aintain existing programs. Software vulnerability • Software errors pose a threat to IS, causing untold loses in productivity. • Increased demand for timely delivery to markets have increased software flaws vulnerabilities • Commercial software contains flaws that create security vulnerabilities • Hidden bugs (program code defects) o Major problem of software o Main source is the complexity of decision making code. o Programs that contain tens of decision lead to 100s/1000s of different paths • Zero defects cannot be achieved because complete testing is not possible with large programs • Flaws in commercial software not only impede performance but also create security vulnerabilities that can open networks to intruders • Patches o To correct software flaws once they are identified, the vendors release small pieces of software to repair flaws without disturbing the proper operation of the software. o Patch management – security enhancements to counter malware and hackers. It is up to the users of the software to track these vulnerabilities, test and apply all patches. • However exploits often created faster than patches can be released and implemented 8.4 technologies and Tools for protecting information resources • Businesses have an array of technologies for protecting their information resources. OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan • • • 30 Such as tools for managing user identities, preventing unauthorized access to systems and data, ensuring system availability, and ensuring software quality Identity management and authentication o Identity management keeps track of all users and their system privileges, assigning each user a unique digital identity for accessing each system. o It includes tools such as authenticating users, protecting user identities and controlling access to system resources o To gain access to a system a user must be authorized and authenticated, authentication abil...
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