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Radio frequency identification systems provide

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Unformatted text preview: be a telephone wire, coaxial cable, or radio signal in the case of a cell phone and wireless local area networks (Wi- Fi networks) • Network operating system (NOS) – routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates network resources. • it can reside on every computer or on a dedicated server for all applications on the network. A server computer is a computer on a network that performs important network functions for client computers, such as serving up Web Pages, storing data and storing the network operating system. • Hubs – devices that connect network components, sending a packet of data to all other connected devices. • Switch – has more intelligence than a hub and can filter and forward data to a specified destination on the network. • What if you want to communicate with another network, such as the internet? Router – a communications processor used to route packets of data through different networks, ensuring that the data sent gets to the correct address. Networks in large companies • The network infrastructure for a large corporation consists of a large number of LANS linked to other LANs and to firm wide corporate networks. • This graphic illustrates the components of a large company’s network. Note the difference between the wireless LAN, which allows wireless access within the office, and the mobile Wi- Fi network, which allows Internet access to employees outside of offices. The advantage of telephone- based wireless systems is that they do not require a Wi- Fi hotspot to work, and in fact can connect users to the entire...
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