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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

Rogers bell offer data transmission internet access

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Unformatted text preview: integration service – provide expertise regarding implementation of new infrastructure which causes significant changes in business processes and procedures, training and education, and software integration 4) Enterprise software applications – software for applications used by specific groups or business units. 5) Networking/telecommunications platforms - a. E.g. VocaLink 6) Data management and storage – responsible for organizing and managing the firm’s data so that they can be efficiently accessed and used. a. E.g. Storage Area Networks (SAN) 7) Internet platforms – expenditures in this area are for hardware, software, and management services to support a firm’s web site. 8) Mobile digital platform – Emerging Mobile Digital Platform • Cell phones, smartphones (e.g. BlackBerry, iPhone) OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan • • • 16 – Have assumed data transmission, Web surfing, e- mail and IM duties Netbooks/Ultrabooks (i.e. Intel’s, Chromebook) – Small, low- cost lightweight notebooks optimized for wireless communication and core computing tasks Tablets (e.g. iPad, Microsoft Surface) Networked e- readers (Kindle) Questions Read the Case Study on Salesforce.com on pg. 174- 5, and answer the following questions. 1. What kind of businesses could benefit from switching to Salesforce and why? Businesses that require sales staff needing to keep track of sales and customer lists. Therefore, businesses in the retail, agriculture, and manufacturing sector would all benefit from switching to Sales force since they need to keep track of their sales as well as keep their customers up to date with different deals or pr...
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