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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

Sniffer is a type of eavesdropping program that

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Unformatted text preview: olume, long distance, point- to- point communication. Uses terrestrial transmission stations and satellites Cellular systems – also use radio waves and a variety of different protocols to communicate with radio antennas placed within adjacent geographic areas called cells. Allows mobile devices to access cellular towers that are connected to cellular networks Wireless networks – wired networks for many applications and creating new applications, services, and business models. Allows devices with Wi- Fi or WLAN cards to access routers that are physically connected to physical media based networks Bandwidth of Transmission Speed OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan • • 22 Range of frequencies that can be accommodated on a particular telecommunications channel or medium Measured as the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that can be accommodated • Greater this difference the “faster” the transmission of data 7.3 The Global Internet What is the Internet? • Digital subscriber line – a high- speed Internet connection using phone lines, which allows you to use your phone for voice communications at the same time. • Cable modem – a device that uses your TV cable to deliver an internet connection, share a LAN with your neighbors, the more on network the slower it is. Internet network Architecture • The Internet backbone connects to regional networks, which in turn provide access to Internet service providers, large firms, and government institutions, network access points, and metropolitan- area exchanges are hubs where the backbone intersects regional and local networks and where backbone owners connect with one another. The future Internet: IPv6 and Internet2 • Due to increasin...
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