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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

Spyware o some types of spyware also act as malicious

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Unformatted text preview: Local Area Network • is designed to connect personal computers and other digital devices within 500m radius. They are also used to link long distance WANs • LANs are described in terms of the way their components are connected together, or their typology. Three major LAN topologies • Star topology- all devices on the network connect to a single hub. • Bus topology – one station transmits signals, which travel in both directions along a single transmission segment. All of the signals are broadcast in both directions to the entire network. All machines on their network receive the same signals, and software installed on the client computers enables each client to listen for messages addressed specifically to it. • Ring topology – connects network components in a closed loop. Messages pass from computer to computer in only one direction around the loop and only one station at a time may transmit. Physical Transmission Media • Twisted wire – an older type of transmission medium. • Coaxial cable – transmit a larger volume of data than twisted wire • Fibre optic and optical networks – data are transformed into pulses of light, which are sent through the fibre- optic cable by a laser device at rates varying from 500 kilobits to several trillion bits per second in experimental settings. • Wireless transmission media o Three kinds of wireless networks are used by computers Microwave systems – high frequency radio signals through the atmosphere and are widely used for high v...
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