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Unified communications integrates disparate channels

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Unformatted text preview: peating data groups to build a more concise structure Relational database systems try to enforce referential integrity rules to ensure that relationships b/w coupled tables remain consistent. Database designers document their data model w/ an entity- relationship diagram. It’s extremely important that a business sets the correct database as it can have a direct impact on profits. Chapter 7 7.1 Telecommunications and Networking in today’s Business World Networking and Communication trends OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan 19 Telecommunications deregulation and information technology innovation, telephone and computer networks are converging into a single digital network using shared internet based standards and equipment • Ex. Rogers, bell offer data transmission, Internet access, cellular service, and television programming as well as voice service. Also cable companies such as Rogers and shaw offer voice service and internet access. • Computer networks have expanded to include Internet telephone and limited video services. • Broadband – connections provided by telephone and cable TV companies. o More than 60% Canadian Internet users have broadband access • Broadband wireless: o Voice and data communication as well as Internet access are increasingly taking place over broadband wireless platforms What is a computer network? • If you had to connect the computers for two or more employees in the same office, you would need a network. • Network consists of two or more connected computers • Each computer on the network contains a network interface device called network interface card (NIC). • The connection medium for linking network components can...
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