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OMIS2000- Chapter Notes

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Unformatted text preview: they take on special rights and obligations because of their special claims to knowledge, wisdom, and respect. Groups such as the Canadian Medical Association or the Canadian Bar Association take on responsibility for the partial regulation of their professions by determining entrance qualifications and competence. Codes of ethics are promises by professionals to regulate themselves in the general interest of society Some Real World Ethical Dilemmas Information systems have created new ethical dilemmas in which one set of interests is pitted against another. For example many large telephone companies are using information technology to reduce sizes of their workforces. Many companies monitor what their employees are doing on the Internet to prevent them from wasting resources on non- business activities. Chapter 5 Cloud Computing: enables firms and individuals to obtain computer processing, storage, software, and other services as a pool of virtualized resources over a network such as the internet. • On demand self- service: individuals can obtain computing capabilities such as server time or network storage on their own. • Ubiquitous network access: individuals can use mobile platforms to access cloud resources. • Location- independent resource pooling: serve multiple users, with different virtual resources dynamically assigned according to user demand. • Rapid elasticity: increased/decreased to meet changing user demand • Metered service: charges for cloud resources are based on the amount of resources used. • Data permanently stored in remote servers, accessed and updated over the Internet by use...
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