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O intrusion detection system full time monitoring

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Unformatted text preview: perations due to seeing exactly what they have in warehouses and in retail shelves. Chapter 8 8.1 System Vulnerability Abuse It is best to be proactive in providing security and staying current with it than to wait to see what happens Security – refers to the policies, procedures, and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, theft, or physical damage to information systems. Control – policies and organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the organizations assets; the accuracy and reliability of its records and operational adherence to management standards. Why systems are vulnerable • When large amounts of data are stored in electronic form, they are vulnerable to many more kinds of threats than when they existed in manual form. • Accessibility without authorization • OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan 25 Access data flowing over networks, steal valuable data during transmission, or alter messages without authorization. • Radiation may disrupt a network, intruders may launch malicious software to disrupt an operating system, vulnerability to destroy or alter corporate data stored in databases or files • Hardware breakdowns (system malfunction, damaged by improper use or criminal acts) • Computer software failures due to (errors in programming, improper installation, or unauthorized changes) • Floods, fires, or other natural disasters disrupt computer systems • Partnering with another company adds to vulnerability if valuable info is on the networks and computers outside the organizations control. • Lost, destroyed, theft • Intruders may be able to access inter...
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