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Unformatted text preview: g Internet population growth, the world will run out available IP addresses using the existing addressing convention. • Therefore, a new version of IP addressing schema is IPv6 , which contains 128- bit addresses (2^128) , more than quadrillion possible unique addresses. • Internet2: consortia of agencies working to provide an new robust and high- bandwidth version of the Internet • CANARIE is the Canadian equivalent for Internet2, has deployed various versions of Ca*net, the national backbone for Canada with one drop per province. • Ca*net is the foundation for “innovation infrastructure” and interconnects regional networks, uni’s, and schools to promote an innovation culture through advanced applications, such as tele- learning, grids and so on. • Ca*net has evolved to Ca*net4, to promote the fastest speeds available over the Internet for research + education purposes. Domain Name System • Converts domain names to IP addresses, domain name is the name that corresponds to the unique 32- bit numeric IP address for each computer connected to the internet. • DNS servers maintain a database containing IP addresses mapped to their corresponding domain names. To access a computer on the internet users only need its domain name • DNS hierarchical structure o Root domain – “” o Top level domain - .com, .edu, .ca, .org, .net o Second level domains – OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan 23 o Third level domains – o Hosts – specific computer on either the Internet or a private network. Internet Services and Communication Tools • Web browsing • Web- based applications • E- mail • Instant messaging • VoIP: Voice over IP – technology delivers voice info in digital form using packet switching, avoiding the tolls charged by local and long distance telephone networks. • Unified communications – integrates disparate channels for...
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