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Systems are useful information quality management

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Unformatted text preview: ity to know that the person is who he/she claims to be. Often established through a password Password can be sniffed, if transmitted over a network or stolen through social engineering New authentication technologies overcome these problems. • Token – a physical device, similar to an identification card, designed to prove the identity of a single user. • Smart card – is a device about the size of a credit card that contains a chip formatted with access permission and other data. • Biometric authentication – uses systems that read and interpret individual human traits, such as fingerprints, irises, voices in order to grant or deny access. Firewall, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software, unified threat management systems o Firewalls – prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks o Combination of hardware and software that controls the flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic. o Acts like a gatekeeper, who examines each users credentials before access to a network is granted. o Firewall screening technologies, to provide firewall protection Packet filtering – examines selected fields in the headers of data packets flowing back and forth between the trusted network and the internet, looking at individual packets in isolation Stateful inspection – additional security by determining whether packets are part of an ongoing dialogue between a sender and receiver. • Packets are accepted whether they are part of an approved conversation or attempting to establish a legitimate connection. Network address translation – provides another layer of protection when static packet filtering and stateful inspection are employed. • Conceals the IP addresses of the orgs internal host computer to prevent sniffer programs outside the firewall from getting info on them and using it to penetrate the internal systems Application proxy filtering - examines the application content of packets. • A proxy server stops data packets outside the org, inspects them, and passes a proxy to the other side of the firewall. OMIS 2000 Final Exam Gahtan 31 Example; outsider wants to communicate with an insider; first they talk to the proxy application which communicates to the firms internal computer. o Intrus...
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