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Technology platform the firm wide data generated by

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Unformatted text preview: Worms destroy data and programs as well as disrupt or even halt the operation of computer networks. • Worms and viruses are often spread over the Internet from files of downloaded software, from files attached to email transmissions, or from compromised email messages or instant messaging. • Viruses have also invaded computerized information systems from infected disks or infected machines. Email worms are currently the most problematic. • Trojan horses o Software program that looks benign but then does something unexpected. o Is not itself a virus because it does not replicate, it’s a way for viruses and other malicious codes to be introduced into a computer system • SQL injection attacks o Largest malware attack at the moment o Takes advantage of vulnerabilities in poorly coded web application software to introduce malicious program code into a company’s systems and networks. o They occur when a web application fails to properly validate or filter data entered by a user on a web page, which might occur when ordering something online o An attacker uses this input validation error to send a rogue SQL query to the underlying database to access the database, plant malicious code, or access other systems on the network. o Large web application have hundreds of places for inputting user data, which creates an opportunity for SQL injection attack o Hackers have tools available to check web application vulnerabilities, there tools locate a data entry field on a web page form, enter data into it, and check the response to see if it shows vulnerability to SQL injection attack. • Spyware o Some ty...
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